Nissan NV Passenger Van
NV Passenger is built for the long haul – and just about anything you need to bring along. [[2795]]

Let’s face it, when you’re feeling positive and happy, chances are those around you might enjoy a mood boost, too. This is especially important when your job requires driving tired — and often harried — passengers to and from their destinations, or even if you’re the driver on long family road trips. Of course, the NV® Passenger does its part to help keep your riders happy with flexible seating configurations for up to 12 and thoughtful features to keep them comfortable. But how can you stay upbeat during those long days of driving? Your NV Passenger and these easy tips can help. 


Thankfully, your NV Passenger gets every ride off to a good beginning with a range of crowd-pleasing amenities. For a start, your passengers can decide how warm or cool they like it. With climate controls located above the rear rows, passengers can adjust heat or air conditioning with ease. Two floor heater vents for every row and dual heater units in the front and rear mean no one's left out in the cold and everyone can enjoy a cozy ride.


Your NV Passenger is designed to keep the driver comfortable, too, with features that help make the job easier. NV Passenger’s RearView Monitor[[2796]] helps you see what’s directly behind you, when in reverse. The available front and rear sonar[[2797]] gives you a heads-up when you are getting near detected objects. And when you feel less stressed, your passengers may feel more at ease, too.