Nissan Ellure Hybrid has smooth exterior improving aerodynamics


Simple, Yet Provocatively Modern

Ellure is the evolution of luxury sedans. It boasts a smooth exterior form, and serious elements of efficiency. A low front bumper fascia, small front grille openings, and a full underbody pan direct wind over and under the body, improving aerodynamics. Ellure also features small, moulded rearview cameras rather than side mirrors, and 21-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels mounted with low-rolling resistance tires. Speaking of the wheels, they’ve been pushed out to the corners, creating a powerful stance, and a roomy interior.

Nissan Ellure video shows off fine craftsmanship

Fine Craftsmanship

Beauty is in the details, and you’ll find plenty in Ellure. The chrome-accented front grille combines brushed edges and polished surfaces to create a jewel-like effect. Boomerang-shaped LED lights feature an inner layering design, inspired by the graceful fins of a fish.

Nissan Ellure glass panel roof from above

Glass Panel Roof

Not only does the full pannel glass roof let more light in—making the interior feel extra spacious—it's also embedded with special red mood lighting, for a fun day-to-night transition.

Nissan Ellure view from above with all four doors open to face each other at 90 degree angle

Step Out In Style

Taking cues from classic 1930s styling, unique front and rear doors open to face each other—at a 90-degree angle—revealing a fluid, versatile interior.Not only do these doors scream ‘sophisticated and cool’, they also make it easier than ever to get in and out of the vehicle.

Nissan Ellure interior view from drivers side


Ellure features an energetic red, white, and black interior that expresses both sustainable design qualities, and a sense of passion. The white leather dashboard has been tanned in an eco-friendly, chromium-free process. The seats are upholstered in black suede made out of 100% recycled fibers. Elegant floating headrests add a touch of style, and transparent red acrylic on the seatback panels produce an unexpected, molten lava effect. Inviting by day, Ellure™ comes alive at night with recessed lighting that creates a lounge-like ambiance.

Nissan Ellure interior white leather dashboard

White Leather Dashboard

A dramatic dashboard flows from door-to-door, seamlessly integrates into the side panels, and wraps around the rear seat to enfold everyone on-board. The steering wheel’s unique, truncated shape provides a clear view of the dashboard’s wide, touchscreen display. 

Nissan Ellure sculptural console center

Sculptural Center Console

A "floating" console is mounted with intuitive controls for audio, navigation, and climate functions. It's also visually striking with see-through effects and backlit, red nighttime lighting.

Nissan Ellure backseat lounge booth

Lounge in Your Favorite Booth

In the back, a lounge-like rear seat is covered in luxurious gray ultra-suede, and is roomy enough to fit three passengers, comfortably.

Nissan Ellure red pedals and floor

Red Carpet Treatment

Ellure's vivid palette includes red pedals and floors. Designed in a unique shock wave pattern, the carpeting is also made of water-repellent, 100% wool felt strips that keep the interior looking new.

Nissan Ellure rear view featuring taillights


Front-wheel Drive Hybrid Fusing Performance with Sustainability

A supercharged 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine is paired with a 25 kW electric motor and an advanced lithium-ion battery, to deliver an impressive 273 horsepower. When Ellure is in electric mode, an Intelligent Dual Clutch Control system allows the gas engine to be turned off completely, and braking energy to be recycled back into the power supply. To ensure a dynamic driving experience, Ellure is also equipped with a smooth-shifting Xtronic CVT®, an independent suspension, and an advanced drive-by-wire electro-hydraulic steering system.