Finally, the head and the heart see eye-to-eye

Dramatic Style

A brief glance at the ESFLOW is all it takes to tell you what kind of car it is. A long hood leads into a sharply angled, wraparound windshield. A compact cabin places the occupants right above the car's center of gravity. Wheel wells sweep over ultra-low profile performance tires, and discreet rearview cameras replace outside mirrors. ESFLOW is unmistakably a sports car.


Meet The Future of Sports Cars

This is the ESFLOW Concept. It's inspired by the design of the legendary Z®, the breathtaking performance of the GT-R®, and the remarkable innovations that drive Nissan LEAF®. ESFLOW is our first 100% electric, no gas, high-performance, sports car.



Luxurious Two-seater Cabin

With clean lines and a minimalist design, the ESFLOW oozes luxury. The cabin is upholstered in rich blue and gold leather and suede.The dashboard features four multifunction illuminated LCD displays. Fly-by-wire steering and pedals adjust electronically to suit each individual driver's size, and preferred driving position.

Major Power. Minor Consumption.

Zero Emission Sports Car

Power for the motors comes from the same lithium-ion battery packs used in the Nissan LEAF®. In ESFLOW, the packs are located along the axis of the front and rear wheels, centralizing the car’s mass. These cleverly positioned batteries enable the car to travel over 150 miles on a single charge. When you do need to recharge, you’ll find the charging plug-in built into the air ducts beneath the ESFLOW's blue LED front lights—like a well-kept secret.

It'll Move You, In More Ways Than One.

Double Motor, Rear-wheel Drive Powertrain

ESFLOW gets enough torque to reach 62 miles per hour in under 5 seconds. This massive power comes from twin electric motors, strategically located just behind the seats—above the rear axis—for maximum performance. These two motors independently control the left and right wheels, ensuring outstanding vehicle stability and control, plus efficient power regeneration.


Aluminum Chassis

A head turning, composite body covers a sturdy aluminium chassis. ESFLOW’s classic sports car lines allow strong, yet unobtrusive roll bars to safely take the entire load of the car in the unlikely event of a rollover. Since there’s no need for thick, reinforced pillars, a dramatic wraparound windshield gives the driver an unobstructed view of the road ahead.