Front View of the Nissan Hi-Cross Crossover Concept


The Nissan Hi-Cross Concept is powered by an ultra fuel-efficient, hybrid drivetrain. It’s compact, yet surprisingly roomy. And with dramatic and athletic good looks, It's also "Hi" on style. Up front, a V-shaped grille is framed by distinctive, deeply tapered LED headlights. A curved hood, flared fenders, and a bold character line—extending down a high-waisted body—give the Hi-Cross a tall, and muscular stance.

Nissan Hi-Cross Crossover Concept Rim


The Hi-Cross comes with huge, aggressive-looking 10-spoke 21" alloy wheels. It’s also got eye-catching fog lights that have been seamlessly integrated into the front bumper.

Nissan Hi-Cross Crossover Concept Tail Light

Polished, Front-to-Back

The back of the Hi-Cross is set off by a sculpted hatch, an extended rear roof spoiler, and trapezoid-shaped LED taillights that echo the stylish, front headlight design.

Nissan Hi-Cross Crossover Concept Interior



Despite its compact exterior, the Hi-Cross is roomy inside—with three rows of seating for seven. To achieve this, we simply pushed the wheels out further and installed a smaller HEV drivetrain to make more room for people. Then, we designed a vibrant white leather interior and added a one-piece fixed glass ceiling to give the cabin a feeling of openness. Black and white two-tone door panels, and a matching steering wheel complete the modern look.

Nissan Hi-Cross Crossover Concept Storage

Comfort and Cargo

The Hi-Cross interior features deep, wide front bucket seats, ample headroom, and 2nd- and 3rd-row benches that fold flat to create tons of versatile cargo space.

Nissan Hi-Cross Crossover Concept Dashboard with Gauges and Navigation

Designed to a T

A T-wing shaped dashboard houses a Fine Vision multi-dimensional gauge cluster, and a cool looking, futuristic display panel. The sculpted center console completes the 'T' shape.

Side View of the Nissan Hi-Cross Crossover Concept


Advanced Hybrid Drivetrain

Hi-Cross is powered by a hybrid drivetrain, coupling a 2.0-liter gas engine with an electric motor. Together, they provide the power expected from a larger 2.5-liter engine, and the economy and reduced emissions of a much smaller unit. The fast-charging, compact lithium-ion battery that powers the electric motor makes use of the same battery technology developed for the award-winning Nissan LEAF®.

One Motor, Two Clutch Technology

The concept's hybrid drivetrain adopts Nissan's new 'one motor, two clutch' technology. The first clutch allows the gas engine to be turned off when the Hi-Cross is in electric mode, and the second clutch helps smooth that transition. This advanced system boosts the electric motor’s efficiency, and allows braking energy to be recycled back into the power supply.